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Braindumps for "HP0-W03" Exam

Advanced SAN Architecture

 Question 1.
What are characteristics of B-Series Fabric Manager? (Select three.)

A. in-band management
B. out-of-band management
C. separate software package
D. multiple B-Series switch management
E. embedded in the Brocade switch firmware
F. management platform for M-Series and B-Series switches

Answer: B, C, D

Question 2.
What is the effect of the HP Cluster Extension?

A. support for greater distances between cluster nodes
B. usability of the fiber channel interconnect for the heartbeat
C. cluster awareness for HP StorageWorks Continuous Access (CA)
D. cluster management integration in Replication Solutions Manager (RSM)

Answer: C

Question 3.
Which FCIP device supports HP B-Series and M-Series, but not C-Series fibre channel switches for heterogeneous SAN extension?

A. SAN Valley SL1000 IP-SAN Gateway
B. HP StorageWorks Multiprotocol Router
C. HP StorageWorks SR2122-2 IP Storage Router
D. Cisco MDS 14/2-Port Multiprotocol Services Module

Answer: A

Question 4.
Which PID formats use the same PIDs for a port?

A. native and core
B. VC encoded and native
C. core and extended edge
D. native and extended edge

Answer: D

Question 5.
Where do you install the HP Cluster Extension (CLX)?

A. on the switch as a license
B. on all servers in the cluster
C. on one cluster server at each site
D. on the same server as Command View

Answer: B

Question 6.
A customer has asked you to implement VSANs in a C-Series fibre channel switch fabric. 

What is a unique feature of VSANs?

A. It allows you to apply different fabric settings in one switch.
B. It allows you to connect different vendor switches to one infrastructure.
C. It allows you to configure more than one management IP address per switch.
D. It allows you to minimize oversubscription on connected ISLs through path load balancing.

Answer: A

Question 7.
Which fabric migration path is shown in the exhibit?

A. meshed to tree
B. cascaded to tree
C. cascaded to meshed
D. meshed to cascaded

Answer: B

Question 8.
You are implementing an extended SAN infrastructure between two data centers which are 9km apart. HP StorageWorks Edge Switch 2/24 is used in this environment. 

Which ports could be used to connect the ISL between this data centers?

A. All ports support links for this distance by default.
B. You must enable the extended ISL ports individually.
C. The first four ports can connect a long-distance ISL.
D. Long-distance ISL ports must be unlocked by a license.

Answer: C

Question 9.
What are typical consequences of insufficient knowledge transfer to the customer for their SAN environment? (Select two.)

A. unused bandwidth
B. wasted disk space
C. management errors
D. event misinterpretation
E. unnecessary FC data traffic

Answer: C, D

Question 10.
During the SAN architecture process, the SAN architect must explain to the stakeholders how the new infrastructure will be realized. 

Which information should this explanation contain? 

A. options that can be installed at a later time
B. current SAN components that will be utilized
C. details about storage and SAN management
D. overview of HP multivendor support services

Answer: B


Study Guides and Real Exam Questions For Oracle OCP, MCSE, MCSA, CCNA, CompTIA

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