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Braindumps for "E20-001" Exam

Storage Technologist Foundation Exam

 Question 1.
Data is being replicated from site A to site B using disk buffering to create extended distance consistent point in time copies every hour. 

In the event of a site failure at A, what is the maximum amount of data that will be missing at site B?

A. 1 hour
B. 2 hours
C. 3 hours
D. 4 hours

Answer: B

Question 2.
What is a remote replication solution for EMC CLARiiON storage systems?

A. MirrorView/A
B. SnapView
D. TimeFinder

Answer: A

Question 3.
Which represents a common implementation of a storage network with limited scalability?

B. Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop
C. Store and Forward
D. Switched Fabric

Answer: B

Question 4.
Identify the E Port and Edge switch in the SAN Core/Edge exhibit.

A. 1 and 6
B. 4 and 5
C. 7 and 5
D. 6 and 3

Answer: A

Question 5.
What is the process that writes physical address information to a disk?

A. Concatenating
B. Formatting
C. Partitioning
D. Striping

Answer: B

Question 6.
The Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of a company is 4 hours. 

Which statement is true in the event of a disaster?

A. Must be able to restart their network within 4 hours
B. Must be able to restart their servers within 4 hours
C. Must be able to resume production within 4 hours
D. No more than 4 hours of production data can be lost

Answer: D

Question 7.
Which technology is designed for storage of fixed content data?


Answer: A

Question 8.
In SAN, if the primary concern is cabling flexibility, what method of zoning should be employed?

A. Hard Zoning
B. Mixed Zoning
C. Port Zoning
D. WWN Zoning

Answer: D

Question 9.
A disk has Cylinder Head Sector (CHS) values of 1000, 4 and 25. What address range will be used for the Logical Block Address (LBA) values for this disk?

A. 0 - 49,999
B. 0 - 99,999
C. 1 - 50,000
D. 1 - 100,000

Answer: B

Question 10.
Which key requirement of the Data Center infrastructure addresses the concern of data on storage systems being accessible 24X7?

A. Availability
B. Manageability
C. Performance
D. Scalability

Answer: A


Study Guides and Real Exam Questions For Oracle OCP, MCSE, MCSA, CCNA, CompTIA

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