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Braindumps for "1Y0-259" Exam

Citrix Presentation Server 4.5: Administration

 Question 1.
What are three available application types when configuring an Access Platform site? 
(Choose three.)

A. Silo
B. Remote
C. Streaming
D. Mixed Mode
E. Dual Mode Streaming

Answer: B, C, E

Question 2.
Scenario: An administrator wants to provide users with access to resources offered by trusted partners across the Internet. The administrator wants to create Web Interface sites so that users can have single sign-on access to published applications in the trusted partner's domain. 

When creating the Web Interface sites, the administrator should configure them to use _____________to meet the requirements of this scenario. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A. built-in authentication
B. Advanced Access Control
C. multiple methods of authentication
D. Active Directory Federation Services

Answer: D

Question 3.
When configuring the connectivity for a Web Interface site intended to be accessed through Secure Gateway protected by a NAT firewall using translation, the administrator must enter the ______________________. (Choose the appropriate phrase to complete the sentence.)

A. IP address of the default gateway and the Proxy Server URL
B. FQDN of the Secure Gateway and the Firewall Translation Settings
C. alternate address for the Presentation Server and the domains allowed
D. authentication method from the Secure Gateway and the domains allowed

Answer: B

Question 4.
Scenario: A company has acquired a remote office. The remote office users will access published resources in the farm using the Citrix Presentation Server client across the WAN. Company policy dictates that all connections to mission critical applications such as Microsoft Outlook and SAP must be encrypted with a minimum of 128-bit RC5 level encryption. 

Which two objects must be configured to secure remote client access to the server farm? (Choose two.)

A. A policy that sets the encryption levels required as a minimum requirement.
B. The server properties to require connections at the mandated encryption levels.
C. The server farm properties to require connections at the mandated encryption levels.
D. The client options for the published applications, Microsoft Outlook and SAP, that sets the encryption levels required as a minimum requirement.

Answer: A, D

Question 5.
What can be used to secure communication between Web Interface and the server running Presentation Server?

A. RC5
B. SSL Relay
C. Secure ICA
D. Secure Gateway

Answer: B

Question 6.
Scenario: An administrator has one public IP address and wants to make all 50 servers running Presentation Server available to external users through Web Interface. 

How can the administrator accomplish this with a firewall and Web Interface?

A. Configure Web Interface to return its internal address to Presentation Server.
B. Set up port address translation on the firewall and configure Web Interface with the IP address and the firewall ports.
C. Run ALTADDR on the server running Web Interface, set up network address translation on the firewall and configure Web Interface to return the external address.
D. Run ALTADDR on the servers running Presentation Server to specify the port that 
    Presentation Server should return and configure Web Interface for port address translation.

Answer: B

Question 7.
Scenario: An administrator installs a new database application that uses a .ZTC extension for its data files on servers running Presentation Server. The .ZTC extension does not show as a file type association option when attempting to publish the application. 

Why is .ZTC not listed as a file type association when publishing applications?

A. The servers that host the application have not been rebooted.
B. The file type association function is not supported for that extension.
C. The administrator has not run the "Update from registry..." option from the console.
D. The administrator is attempting to publish the application to a server that does not have the application installed.

Answer: C

Question 8.
Scenario: During the course of one day, the administrator of a large server farm comprised of a single zone notices that the IMA Work Item Queue Ready Count metric on the data collector for the zone has repeatedly been just above zero. The data collector supports 50 servers and hosts 10 productivity applications. There is no backup data collector configured for the zone. There is one server that only has one proprietary application suite published. This proprietary application suite is only used by the Finance department but is mission critical for that department. 

Which two actions would best address the needs of the environment described in this scenario? (Choose two.)

A. Restart the IMA service on the data collector.
B. Increase the preference of one of the 50 servers to Preferred status.
C. Increase the preference of the server hosting the proprietary application suite to Most  Preferred status.
D. Add the registry key entry Max Host Address Cache Entries to the data collector for the zone and set it to 50.
E. Dedicate the existing data collector by removing the productivity applications from the server and setting it to Most Preferred status.

Answer: B, E

Question 9.
Which benefit is the result of enabling Memory Optimization?

A. Memory is allocated to each user proportionately.
B. Each server can more efficiently initiate applications.
C. Memory is dynamically reallocated based on specific user need.
D. The administrator controls the maximum amount of memory per user.

Answer: B

Question 10.
A new IT policy requires the use of configuration logging. 

What is the first step the Citrix Administrator must take to set up configuration logging?

A. Create a configuration logging database
B. Configure a configuration logging database
C. Configure the configuration logging settings
D. Create report specification for configuration logging reports

Answer: A


Study Guides and Real Exam Questions For Oracle OCP, MCSE, MCSA, CCNA, CompTIA

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