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Braindumps for "1Y0-308" Exam

Citrix Access Gateway 4.5 Advanced Edition: Administration

 Question 1.
The administrator wants to control the level of access to resources for clients using Mozilla as their browser type. 

Based on the scenario, which type of policy should be applied to the resources?

A. Access
B. Browser
C. Resource
D. File type association

Answer: A

Question 2.
What must be enabled to control users access through a logon point?

A. The Allow Logon property in the access filter
B. The Allow Logon Resource in the access policy
C. The Permit Logon option in the logon point properties
D. The Show Logon setting in the Server Configuration tool

Answer: B

Question 3.
After providing the configuration database server and the access server farm name, which additional step must an administrator perform to change the farm membership of a server?

A. Restart the configuration database server.
B. Run discovery on the server hosting the configuration database server.
C. Provide the credentials used to access the configuration database server.
D. Restart the license server used by the access server farm where the server was added.

Answer: C

Question 4.
An administrator wants to log events when user authentications are unsuccessful. 

Which event should the administrator log in the Windows Event Log in order to track this type of activity?

A. Logon denied
B. Logon page denied
C. Logon access denied
D. Logon permission denied

Answer: A

Question 5.
When logging events, what should be specified in the Access Management Console?

A. The logging filter
B. The events to be logged
C. Where the events will be logged
D. The logon points whose events will be logged

Answer: B

Question 6.
Which rule must be followed when changing the service account for an access server farm in which the credentials have been compromised?

A. The administrator must grant the new service account System Administrator privileges before making the change.
B. The administrator must use the Server Configuration Tool to change the service account on  each server in the access server farm.
C. The administrator must use the Access Management Console to change the service account  on each server in the access server farm.
D. The administrator must use a user account in the same domain as the service account to change the credentials of the access server farm.

Answer: B

Question 7.
What is required to administer an access server farm using the Access Management Console?

A. An account in the Systems role of the Access Gateway Server COM+ application
B. An account in the Power users role of the Access Gateway Server COM+ application
C. An account in the Administrators role of the Access Gateway Server COM+ application
D. An account in the Schema Administrators role for Access Gateway Server COM+ application

Answer: C

Question 8.
Which option can be selected when using the Migration Wizard to import exported Advanced Access Control configuration files?

A. The targeted version of the Advanced Access Control server
B. The IP address of the destination Advanced Access Control server
C. The available licenses for the access server farm that is being migrated
D. The Server Configuration settings of the access server farm being migrated

Answer: A

Question 9.
Scenario: A company currently has one Access Gateway Standard VPN appliance implemented. It is only used for VPN connections. There are plans to migrate to Access Gateway 4.5 Advanced Edition so that the gateway appliance can be used to access resources in an access server farm.

Which tool can be used to integrate Advanced Access Control servers with an Access Gateway appliance?

A. Server Configuration Tool
B. Access Management Console
C. Access Gateway Administration Tool
D. Access Gateway Administration Portal

Answer: C

Question 10.
What is true regarding the use of the Migration Wizard?

A. It allows administrators to export imported Advanced Access Control configuration files.
B. It does not allow administrators to choose the targeted version of Advanced Access Control.
C. It does not support the migration of a configuration file to an earlier release of Advanced Access Control.
D. It does not support the migration of a configuration file from any other versions of Advanced Access Control except 4.2.
E. It allows administrators to choose the designated subnet if the configuration files will be exported to an Advanced Access Control server in another subnet.

Answer: C


Study Guides and Real Exam Questions For Oracle OCP, MCSE, MCSA, CCNA, CompTIA

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