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Braindumps for "HP0-045" Exam

Supporting the ESL E-Series Libraries

 Question 1.
What happens if the device firmware update process is interrupted?

A. It will restart after the device is rebooted.
B. The device will return to the older firmware version.
C. The device can become inoperable and require physical repair.
D. It will continue when the firmware update program is restarted.

Answer: C

Question 2.
If Command View TL is not available, what can be used to access the log files in the Interface Manager card?

A. Telnet
B. Perl scripts
C. anonymous FTP
D. a serial connection

Answer: C

Question 3.
What is important to remember when changing from Manual to Automatic mode of the Interface Manager?

A. All drives must be taken offline.
B. Fibre Channel cables must be unplugged.
C. Interface controllers must be powered off first.
D. Any customizations created in Manual mode will be lost.

Answer: D

Question 4.
How can you test the communication between the management station and any selected Interface Manager card in an ESL E-Series library from Command View TL?

A. Run the checkIM command in the CLI.
B. Select Support Tab > Tools > Open the Interface Manager Check dialog box.
C. Select Actions > Connectivity Check to open the Connectivity Check dialog box.
D. Select Support Tab > Communication Check to open the Communication Check dialog box.

Answer: C

Question 5.
Which screen in Command View ESL shows the number of full mail slots in use?

A. Inventory
B. Health Summary
C. Slot Configuration
D. Component Status

Answer: A

Question 6.
Which port number is required when starting a Command View TL session?

A. 2301
B. 4095
C. 4444
D. 5555

Answer: B

Question 7.
You are performing a firmware upgrade using Command View TL and a Telnet session terminates it prematurely. 

What is the most likely outcome?

A. The Telnet session is automatically aborted.
B. Telnet automatically aborts the other session, but the upgrade continues.
C. Command View TL takes precedence and continues the firmware upgrade.
D. The firmware upgrade aborts and the device being upgraded may need physical repair.

Answer: D

Question 8.
What does the cabinet controller assembly of an ESL E-Series tape library provide a SCSI interface to?

A. tape devices
B. library robotics
C. management interface card
D. e2400-160 Interface Controller

Answer: B

Question 9.
Which capabilities of a TCP/IP connection are delivered by the Simple Internet Protocol Plus (SIPP)?

A. small packets and ECC
B. error handling and retries
C. increased bandwidth and performance
D. faster command propagation on inexpensive copper interconnect

Answer: B

Question 10.
For which connection, other than the cabinet controller, is the I2C network cable used?

A. external LANs
B. cluster controllers
C. interface management cards
D. Fibre Channel interface controllers

Answer: B


Study Guides and Real Exam Questions For Oracle OCP, MCSE, MCSA, CCNA, CompTIA

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