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Braindumps for "HP0-J11" Exam

Replication Solutions for the HP StorageWorks EVA

 Question 1.
Which statements are correct for a data replication group normal mode? (Select two.)

A. It ensures the highest data integrity.
B. It is also referred to as failsafe-disabled mode.
C. It is the default mode for a data replication group.
D. It assures best performance because of write order
E. It stops I/O if the destination or source is unavailable.

Answer: B, C

Question 2.
You are designing a high-availability Continuous Access EVA solution for a customer. 

Which components are required when designing the whole solution? (Select two.)

A. two intersite links
B. two Management Servers
C. two fibre-channel switches
D. two fibre-channel-adapters per host
E. two bi-directional DR groups per array

Answer: A, D

Question 3.
Which statement is correct about Continuous Access EVA DR group normal mode?

A. It has the highest level of data integrity.
B. Host I/O continues if the destination Vdisk is not operational.
C. An exact copy of data is always available at the destination Vdisk.
D. Normal mode describes standard operation mode of source and destination

Answer: B

Question 4.
Where do you set the write mode for a copy set?

A. on the copy set
B. on the disk group
C. on the virtual disk
D. on the managed set
E. on the Data replication group

Answer: E

Question 5.
Which redundancy level must a container for a pre-allocated snapshot have when the source already has other snapshots?

A. lower than other snapshots
B. higher than other snapshots
C. the same as other snapshots
D. individually selectable for each container

Answer: C

Question 6.
Which statement is correct for a suspended DR group? (Select two.)

A. All members are suspended in Vdisk order.
B. All members are suspended at the same time.
C. All source host I/O to this DR group are suspended.
D. All source host I/O are written into the write history log.
E. All source host I/O are transferred to the destination site.

Answer: B, D

Question 7.
Which factors can initiate a full copy in a Continuous Access EVA4000 environment? 
(Select three.)

A. when the log disk reaches its maximum size of 2TB
B. when all changes of the copy sets exceed the defined threshold
C. when user defined log size is reached, DR group is marked for full copy
D. when there is no more free space in the Disk Group where the log resides
E. when the Log disk exceeds the half sum of the sizes of all members in the DR group
F. when the size of the log disk exceeds the capacity of the largest Vdisk within one DR group

Answer: A, C, D

Question 8.
Which statement is correct about Continuous Access EVA bidirectional replication? (Select two.)

A. It provides performance benefits on the source site only.
B. A Vdisk can have bidirectional relationships with two other Vdisks.
C. The storage system contains both source and destination Vdisks.
D. Cascaded CA environments do not support bidirectional replication
E. Destination site servers can perform tasks like backup and data mining.

Answer: C, E

Question 9.
Order the steps of the synchronous write mode in a continuous Access EVA environment by dragging and dropping the boxes.


Question 10.
Which statements about managed sets are correct? (Select two.)

A. Managed sets can be created from Command View.
B. Managed sets can be created from Replication Solutions Manager.
C. Data Replication groups may belong to a maximum of one managed set.
D. Managed sets include data replication groups only from one storage system.
E. Managed sets may include data replication groups from multiple storage systems.

Answer: B, E


Study Guides and Real Exam Questions For Oracle OCP, MCSE, MCSA, CCNA, CompTIA

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