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Braindumps for "HP2-H17" Exam

HP ProLiant ML/DL/SL Servers [2010]

 Question 1.
Which processors use hyperthreading? (Select two.)

A. Intel single core processors
B. AMD dual core processors
C. AMD quad core processors
D. Inteldual core processors

Answer: A, D

Question 2.
How many memory channels are there in a 2 processor DDR3-based server?

A. 2 channels
B. 3channels
C. 4channels
D. 6 channels

Answer: D

Question 3.
On Intel Xeon 5500 Series (Nehalem) based servers, where is the memory controller located?

A. processor socket
B. processor core
C. HyperTransport Bus
D. Front Side Bus

Answer: B

Question 4.
Which components are under the control of Dynamic Power Management on Intel Xeon 5500 Series (Nehalem) based servers? (Select two.)

A. chipset
B. PCI-e cards
C. hard drives
E. fans

Answer: A, D

Question 5.
A server has four disks, each 146GB in size. They are configured as RAID 5. 

What is the logical drive size presented to the operating system?

A. 292GB
B. 438GB
C. 584GB
D. 730GB

Answer: B

Question 6.
Which operating system has support for the ZFS filesystem?

A. Sun Solaris
B. Windows Server 2008 R2x64 Enterprise Edition
C. Novell NetWare 6.5
D. Novell SLES 10

Answer: A

Question 7.
Which type of internal slot has been added to HP ProLiant G6-based servers for use by hypervisors?

A. Extreme Digital (xD)
B. Secure Digital (SD)
C. Compact Flash (CF)
D. PCI-express (PCIe)

Answer: B

Question 8.
For the Intel x5570Series processors in the HP ProLiant SL2x170z G6, what does the letter "x" preceding the processor model number indicate?

A. extreme performance
B. lowerwattage
C. turbo boost performance
D. highperformance/wattage

Answer: D

Question 9.
In which log are Array POST errors recorded?

A. Windows Event Log
B. Integrated Management Log
D. Onboard Administrator Log

Answer: B

Question 10.
What information does the ADU provide? (Select three.)

A. firmwareversion
B. OEM hard drive vendor
C. RAID stripe size
D. HardwareErrorLogs
E. SmartArray driver version

Answer: A, C, D


Study Guides and Real Exam Questions For Oracle OCP, MCSE, MCSA, CCNA, CompTIA

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