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Braindumps for "HP2-H17" Exam

Designing and Implementing HP Thin Client Solutions

 Question 1.
Which HP Thin Client management solution is recommended for managing HP Thin Clients in a small-scale (up to 50) peer-to-peer installation?

A. HP Device Manager
B. HP Thin State tools
C. HP Client Automation
D. HP Easy Tools

Answer: C


Question 2.
What happens when you synch the HPDM and FTP repositories?

A. Both repositories are updated with an HPDM update
B. The repositories test each other to ensure all files are identical.
C. Updated content is copied from one repository to the other.
D. The repositories are updated with content from external HP repositories.

Answer: C


Question 3.
You are restoring the operating system image of your HP Thin Clients running Microsoft Windows CE or Windows Embedded Standard. 

Which image restoration utility should you use?


Answer: C


Question 4.
Which solution supports managing HP Thin Clients, desktops, notebooks, workstations, and PC blades?

A. HP Client Automation
B. HP Easy Tools
C. HP ThinState tools
D. HP Device Manager

Answer: A


Question 5.
Which connection functions are available through the HP Easy Config tool on all HP Thin Clients?

A. select/modify/delete existing connection configurations and create new configurations
B. Select/modify/delete existing connection configurations only
C. Select and modify existing connection configurations only
D. select existing connections and configure new connections only

Answer: C


Question 6.
What is FBA?

A. First Block Area - the area where the recoverable image is stored in NVRAM
B. First Boot Agent - a process BIOS that runs the first time a WES Thin Client is booted
C. Flash Boot Agent - another name for the BIOS pre-boot execution code
D. Flash Boot Area - the protected boot block that contains the OS bootstrap code

Answer: B


Question 7.
Which operating systems are supported on current HP Thin Clients? (Select three.)

A. Debian Linux
B. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop
C. Microsoft Windows Embedded CE
D. Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard
E. HPThinPro

Answer: C, D, E


Question 8.
Which repositories can HP Easy Update use to update images and components on HP Thin Clients?

A. HP-provided repositories only
B. HP-provided repositories for all clients and customer-defined repositories for Windows-based thin clients
C. HP-provided repositories for all clients and customer-defined repositories for ThinPro thin clients
D. "Behind the firewall" customer repositories only

Answer: B


Question 9.
Which management solution is a server-based thin client only solution?

A. HP Client Automation
B. HP Device Manager
C. HP Easy Tools
D. HP ThinState Tools

Answer: A


Question 10.
Which HP Thin Clients have stateless mode capability? (Select two.)

A. t5325(HPThinPro)
B. t5550 (Windows CE)
C. t5565(HPThinPro)
D. t5740 (Windows Embedded Standard)
E. t5570 (Windows Embedded Standard)

Answer: A, C



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