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Braindumps for "50-890" Exam

Advanced Novell Network Management: Netware 6.5

 Question 1.
In your tree, you deployed Universal Password. Your users now can't log in from their Windows 98 Second Edition workstations using the Novell Client 3.2. 

What is the resolution to the problem? (Choose 3)

A. Upgrade the workstations to Windows XP Home or Professional.
B. Upgrade the workstations to Windows 2000 Professional.
C. Install Client NICI 2.6 or later.
D. Deploy the Novell Client 3.4 on the workstations.
E. Configure each user object with a Simple Password.
F. Install NMAS Client 2.2 or later.
G. Deploy the Novell Client 4.83 on the workstations.

Answer: C, D, F

Question 2.
You are documenting your network to help save time with future troubleshooting. 

What information is beneficial to document? (Choose 3)

A. A chronological log of software upgrades and hardware changes
B. A diagram of the network cabling
C. A list of current user and file system rights
D. The configuration and type of each workstation
E. The performance statistics during poor network operation

Answer: A, B, D

Question 3.
You recently completed a Remote Upgrade to NetWare 6.5 on a server located in's Baltimore, MD. office. You realize that you forgot to install MySQL on the server during the upgrade. 

Which NetWare utilities can you use to remotely install this product? (Choose 2)

A. NetWare GUI Install utility using Remote Manager
B. iManager
C. Deployment Manager
D. NetWare Administrator
E. Console One
F. iMonitor

Answer: A, C

Question 4.
Which eDirectory upgrade strategy dictates that you first upgrade the server that holds the master replica of the root partition?

A. Roll-Forward Upgrade
B. Direct Upgrade
C. Lateral Upgrade
D. Top-Down Upgrade
E. Remote Upgrade
F. Bottom-Up Upgrade

Answer: D

Question 5.
A single reference server has the time of 03:10:08 and a secondary server in the same tree has the time of 03:10:16. 

What is the secondary server's time changed to after the first polling interval?

A. 03:10:16
B. 03:10:14
C. 03:10:08
D. 03:10:12
E. 03:10:10

Answer: C

Question 6.
You need to temporarily unload DHCPSRVR.NLM on your server. Click the Remote Manager option you would use to do this.

Question 7.
Click on the step in the 6-step troubleshooting model where you check for error conditions such as unplugged power cords or network cabling.

Question 8.
Which object lets you see what server a user license is assigned to?

A. The license unit object
B. The license service provider object
C. The license certificate object
D. The license container object
E. The server object that you think the MLA license was assigned to

Answer: C

Question 9.
Which is the main component of the Novell Client 4.9?

B. Nwgina.dll
C. Nwfs.sys
F. Ipxodi.nlm

Answer: C

Question 10.
Which protocol is the CIFS implementation in NetWare 6.5 based on?

A. Network File System
B. Apple File Protocol
C. Server Message Block
D. Sequenced Packet Exchange
E. Internet work Packet Exchange

Answer: C


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