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Braindumps for "920-183" Exam

I am going to take exam plz add its dump

 I am going to take exam plz add its dump


Braindumps: Dumps for 1Z0-211 Exam Brain Dump

Study Guides and Actual Real Exam Questions For Oracle OCP, MCSE, MCSA, CCNA, CompTIA


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Braindumps for "1Z0-211" Exam

Oracle 11i General Ledger

 Question 1.
Which two statements would be true when helping a customer make implementation decisions for General Ledger?

A. Integration issues can be minimized
B. Cost of upgrades would not be affected
C. Patching cannot be done on a customized implementation
D. Training can be standardized when Oracle is implemented without customization
E. All Oracle subledger journals go directly to General Ledger to overcome interface problems

Answer: A, D 

Question 2.
Revenue accounts can be viewed only by the head of the Finance team, who has a GL Superuser responsibility. She has successfully created a standard Profit and Loss statement for the company. Another member of the department with a General Ledger Supervisor responsibility  has been asked to run the standard Profit and Loss statement for Feb-06. The report shows only the expenses accounts. 

Which two steps should she perform so that the Profit and Loss statement will run successfully? (Choose two.)

A. Recreate the Profit and Loss under her own responsibility.
B. Ask to have security removed from her responsibility.
C. Perform an on-line inquiry to get the revenue balances.
D. Ask to have the profile option FSG: Enforce Segment Value Security changed to No.

Answer: B, D 

Question 3.
In creating a report, what is true about the column set? (Choose two.)

A. Formats can be set for each column.
B. Accounts cannot be assigned to a column set.
C. Calculations can be performed using columns.
D. Seeded column sets provided by Oracle must be used.

Answer: A, C 

Question 4.
Select the two minimum set up steps for intercompany accounting. (Choose two.)

A. Define a clearing company for all many-to-many intercompany journals.
B. Include an Intercompany segment in the chart of accounts structure.
C. Enable the Intercompany Qualifier for the Intercompany segment.
D. Enable Balance Intercompany Journal when defining the set of books.
E. Set up intercompany accounts for every journal source and journal category for intercompany 
F. Set up intercompany accounts for journal source and journal category of Other.
G. Define a value set for the Company and Intercompany segments.
H. Define a journal source and a journal category for Intercompany.

Answer: D, F

Question 5.
Select the three true statements about mapping rules. (Choose three.)

A. A rollup rule tells General Ledger what detail level of information to transfer and how to roll that 
    information up to the parent.
B. There are only three rollup rules: 1. Transfer Level Detail- Using Detail Ranges; 2. Transfer 
    Level Detail - Using Parent; 3. Transfer Level Summary - Using Parent
C. You can define a combination of segment values and account rules.
D. There are only two mapping rule actions: 1. Copy Value from; 2. Assign Value from
E. Mapping sets enable you transfer data from multiple subsidiaries simultaneously.

Answer: A, C, E

Question 6.
XYZ Corporation has two sets of books and six inventory organizations. 

What is the minimum number of times that XYZ needs to run the general ledger interface in order to close the inventory at the end of each accounting cycle?

A. 2
B. 4
C. 6
D. 8
E. 10
F. 12

Answer: C

Question 7.
XYZ Company has many Financial Statement Generator reports created to produce Profit & Loss statements and Balance Sheet reports. Occasionally XYZ has a need to run a report that is slightly different than the standard ones that are already created. 

Which two types of changes could XYZ make using the Row Order feature? (Choose two.)

A. add a new calculation
B. sort based on column values
C. display segment values and descriptions
B. change how rounding options are performed

Answer: B, C 

Question 8.
XYZ Enterprise has two diverse business operations in retail stores and services. It has five legal entities in Canada and five in the United States for both operations. The fiscal year end is the same for all the legal entities with 12 monthly periods. However, XYZ wants to use a 4-5-4 accounting calendar for its retail operations and a calendar-month accounting calendar for the services operations. XYZ also wants to use a single chart of accounts structure. 

Which five items must XYZ define to meet the minimum setup steps that are required for the sets of books for all legal entities? (Choose five.)

A. two sets of books
B. four sets of books
C. three sets of books
D. account combinations
E. one accounting calendar
F. two accounting calendars
G. chart of accounts structure
H. period types or use seeded ones
I. enable seeded CAD and USD currencies

Answer: B, F, G, H, I

Question 9.
BK Corporation has a legal entity in each of its business operations in the United States, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, and Italy. The controller in Italy advises that the corporation must use the  
Italian statutory accounts as its natural accounts. The corporation decides to define five sets of books (one for each country) but wants to use a single, global chart of accounts structure. 

Choose a possible design (for the sets of books) that uses a single, global chart of accounts structure, and also meets the Italian controller's requirement.

A. The chart of accounts structure contains an extra segment for Italy.
B. The list of values in the Account segment includes a range reserved for Italy.
C. The length of the Account segment for Italy is different from that for the other countries.
D. The chart of accounts structure uses a different Value Set for the Account segment for Italy.
E. The chart of accounts structure for Italy uses Account values prefixed with a special character.

Answer: B

Question 10.
What is the effect of summary accounts on the efficiency of the posting process?

A. Use of summary accounts increases the efficiency of the posting process.
B. Use of summary accounts decreases the efficiency of the posting process.
C. There is no effect, because summary accounts do not use the posting process to accumulate 
D. Use of summary accounts neither increases nor decreases the efficiency of the posting 

Answer: B


Study Guides and Real Exam Questions For Oracle OCP, MCSE, MCSA, CCNA, CompTIA

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